John Korbel - About

It was Duke Ellington who famously said, “there are two kinds of music, good and the other kind.” Not only was it a terrific observation about music, but it also contained an implied challenge. For an artist to stay on the “good” side of that choice, not only should he possess the natural gifts and emotional awareness to connect with listeners, but he should also be able to utilize a musical vocabulary that embraces the many musical traditions that came before. One such artist is singer and songwriter, John Korbel.

John Korbel’s songwriting combines the accessibility of contemporary pop and country with a decidedly Jazz song structure and phrasing technique. He also incorporates bossa nova and Latin influences into much of his work. The result is something unique and engaging.

For 2024, John has completed and released his first full length album of songs, Falling Feels Like Flying. It was produced by Mark Falchook and features the fantastic musicianship of accomplished session players from John's hometown of Orlando. The first single is New York All To Ourselves which catches the romantic mood of a weekend getaway to NYC. Other tracks include Wheels Up, The One Without Wings, Take A Ride With The Top Down, and Lizard Of Oz.

The Falling Feels Like Flying sessions also yielded a romantic new Christmas single called “First Christmas Loving You”. He made many local TV appearances along the east coast of the US where he performed the song live. The song has also garnered over 200,000 streams on Spotify and other streaming platforms, along with radio airplay in markets in the US and overseas.

Over the past several years, John has released a number of other recording projects. In partnership with producer Art Ward of Century Music Group in Nashville, he completed two EP length projects. Expertly mixing Bossa Nova, and incorporating rich and vibrant Latin influences, John's debut EP, 'Earthlight', released in 2017, showcased sheer talent and musical brilliance. "Bourbon Street Taps", rooted in Jazz and released in 2020, was accompanied with an award-winning video of the title track. With his unique and engrossing musical compositions, that feature strength of emotion and characteristic vocal prowess and delivery, the "Bourbon Street Taps" EP included another well-received Christmas song, "December 10th (She Made The most Of Christmas)". John has also secured numerous accolades for his "Bourbon Street Taps" music video including recognition from the Queen Palm International Film Festival, New Hope Film Festival, Richmond International Film Festival, among others.

On his EP, titled "Miss The Mystery", John ups the energy level on the funky Rock track "That Smile She Can't Understand", along with the romantic undertones crucial to the track, "Miss The Mystery". The talented artist also makes a moving statement on the mistreatment of children in the single "No Better Angels", underscoring his narrative strength.

Stressing themes of 'longing', John Korbel's musical compositions remain woven beautifully thematic threads of expressive desire for love, a better future, and for a clinging sense of permanence in the face of life's losses.

I am sure you will agree that John Korbel only makes one kind of music, the good kind!