John Korbel

Jazz oriented Singer-Songwriter showcasing Bossa Nova and Latin influences.

I was out walking one bright, moon lit evening. The idea came to me that the loneliest place I could imagine was to be stranded alone up on that bright moon, still being able to see the earth, but not being able to come home. That's how song ideas come sometimes, fully formed around a single notion. The Earthlight EP has come together almost as fully formed as the song Earthlight was when I first wrote it down after that walk in the moonlight. It had been a dream of mine to pull together a group of my songs that showcase my Bossa Nova and Latin influences. I have been fortunate to collaborate with some amazing musicians to make that dream a reality. Each of the songs has some very personal meaning for me... love, loss, and passion.

As always, I hope these songs connect with people's hearts.

Much Love, John

PS... Take a walk in the moonlight sometime soon, and see what comes to you!

Credits: Produced by Art Ward for Century Music Group, Nashville, TN

Horns Performed/Arranged: Chris West Keyboards: Joe Davidian Guitars:Jame DaSilva Bass: Art Ward Drums: Marcus Finnie Background Vocals: Skye Claire

Mixed and Mastered by Justin Cortelyou Engineers: Tom Harding, Ryan Griffin Additional Engineering and Digital Editing: Art Ward Recorded at Dark Horse Recording Studio, Franklin, TN Additional Recording at Century Music Group Studios, Nashville, TN

Photography: Limor Nagy Design: Ryan Humbert

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