December 10th (She Made the Most of Christmas)

John Korbel

CHRISTMAS SINGLE - A son's touching memories of a mother who "made the most of Christmas."

My family means a lot to me. My brothers and my only sister were blessed to have a mother who was selfless in so many ways, but possessed a smile and wit that always let us know that each of us was special. I wanted to capture that in my song "December 10th (She Made The Most Of Christmas)." Christmas was the time of year for my mother to cut loose a bit, splurge a little even though money was tight, and shower some attention on me and my siblings. My birthday is December 10th, and that was usually the day that the first Christmas decorations made their appearance (or at least that's how I choose to remember it.) I know that a little bit of my mom reappears each December when those old decorations inspire the imaginations of her grandchildren and great grandchildren. She made the most of Christmas. ~John Korbel

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